90.49% THC

Cake She Hits Different-Sangria

Sangria Cake Cart. A tasty crossover with a lot of mitigating impacts, Sangria is an incredible decision for any indica sweetheart. Like its namesake grown-up drink, Sangria packs a sweet and fruity sweet grape flavor with dashes of fieriness and a smidgen of lushness. The fragrance is similarly as tasty, with a fruity grape suggestion emphasized by hot heartiness and traces of new grass. The Sangria high will get comfortable a couple of moments after your last breathe out, starting in the head with a lifted feeling of satisfaction.

A sensation of full-bodied quiet comes straightaway, washing over you and sinking into your appendages with a softly weighted sense that before long goes to weighty couchlock. This mix will before long turn narcotic, leaving you sluggish and napping off all of a sudden. With these impacts and its really high 25-26% typical THC level, Sangria is in many cases decided to treat patients experiencing conditions like ongoing agony, a sleeping disorder, muscle fits or spasms, irritation, seizures and spasticity. Sangria Cake Cart. This bud has tightened funnel shaped light green nugs with thick, long light orange hairs and stout, dazzling white precious stone trichomes.


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