Peach Mango



90.12% THC

Cake She Hits Different-Peach Mango

Cake Peach Mango. A genuine tropical bud that will motivate great energies just, Peach Mango packs a durable high that will make them feel invigorated at this point kicked back for quite a long time. Like its name infers, Peach Mango has a really sweet and fruity flavor that is loaded up with new mangoes, tropical citrus and delicious peaches. The fragrance is basically the same, with an eminent sweet fruity hint highlighted by dashes of zesty, nutty dark espresso and new natural spices. The Peach Mango high is warming and lifting in nature, motivating great energies all around with its enduring impacts. You’ll feel shivery and giggly with a feeling of unadulterated rapture that has a grin all over for quite a long time. Because of these impacts and its decently high 16-19% typical THC level, Peach Mango is frequently supposed to be ideally suited for treating various circumstances including constant pressure or PTSD, ongoing agony, sadness or emotional episodes, spasms or PMS and persistent weariness. This bud has thick and tapered dusty green nugs with little purple leaves, flimsy red-orange hairs and a covering of minuscule, radiant white gem trichomes.


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