Otter Popz



90.29% THC

Cake She Hits Different-Otter Popz

Cake Otter Popz. Otter Popz is a mixture weed strain produced using a hereditary combination of Creature Mints and Gelato 41. Otter Popz is 30-33% THC, settling on this strain an optimal decision for experienced marijuana buyers. Leafly clients let us know Otter Popz impacts incorporate inventive, euphoric, and giggly. Clinical pot patients frequently pick Otter Popz while managing side effects related with hunger misfortune, sorrow, and PTSD. Reared by obscure raisers, Otter Popz highlights flavors like berry, cherry, and citrus. The prevailing terpene of this strain is myrcene. The typical cost of Otter Popz normally goes from $10-$20 per gram. On the off chance that you’ve smoked, touched, or consumed Otter Popz, educate us concerning your experience by leaving a strain survey.


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