Dope Daddy



90.67% THC

Cake She Hits Different-Dope Daddy

Cake Dope Daddy. Elusive beyond the West Coast region and Canada, The Bonehead is one indica that you really want to add to your must-attempt list. This child packs a madly delightful fruity flavor and a durable cerebral high into every single toke, making it ideal for any indica darling who values an exciting nature to their high. The Blockhead has a sweet and fruity strawberry bubblegum flavor. The fragrance messes with a fiery turn, with traces of rich grapes and new earth to it, as well. The Numbskull high isn’t exactly essentially as splendid as its taste, with lifted impacts that support the spirits as opposed to your energy level.

You’ll feel your psyche become enacted by a light yet quieting shiver, extending its arrive at all through the remainder of your body as the high keeps on developing. This prompts a weighty physical couchlock matched with a stoney exciting sedation that will have you withdrawn from the real world and blurring all through rest before you at long last nap off. On account of these impacts and its high 20-21% typical THC level, The Bonehead is many times decided to treat constant pressure, migraines or headaches, sorrow, persistent agony and a sleeping disorder. This bud has larger than usual really weighty spade-formed olive green nugs with purple connotations, long slim orange hairs and a covering of small purple-colored white gem trichomes.


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