Cryo Cured Resin-Strawberry Haze

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Cryo Cured Resin – Strawberry Haze


Cryo Cured Strawberry Haze. Strawberry Haze, also appertained to as Arjan’s Strawberry Haze, is a sativa- leaning cultivar named after its original creator, Arjan Roskam, a famed cannabis planter and author of the Netherlands- grounded Green House Seed Co. Boasting a complex lineage that reportedly involves a blend of Swiss Sativa, Northern Lights# 5, Haze, and Kali Mist, Strawberry Haze first surfaced onto the request in themid-2000s.

Strawberry Haze carries an enticing aroma of ripe strawberries with flowery undertones, rephrasing into a flavor that’s frequently described as sweet and earthy. According to Green House SeedCo., which carries feminized seeds for Arjan’s Strawberry Haze, this strain produces a mild body high and strong cerebral goods, making this an charming option for tokers who want a creative or social buzz.


10 reviews for Cryo Cured Resin-Strawberry Haze

  1. Doreylori

    first time jumping ship from the flower world…… And damn i must say she DOES hit differnet!!! lip smacking taste packaged sexy AS F***

  2. Isl420fam

    Must try
    Hands down Best Buy I ever made strawberry haze smacks!!!!!👅

  3. sdejonge

    It’s like Baskin Robins but for weed 🤪 they fr got every flavor!!
    Will get more ASAP “so in love

  4. gabrielpcruz123

    Terps are crazy good!!!
    This sativa based wax is one of my favorites, the taste is even better and the high it gives, sheeesh super good!

  5. LimeGreenC

    This is berry good
    This shi hits harden than Derrick Lewis or a berry that’s been cured in gelato.

  6. Jacketcrack3

    Real Good!
    I had plenty of live resin and this tastes closer to flower with a more balanced high (vs pure THC and added terpenes). Not quite flower but much easier to carry around and hit. Fruitier than I like, but I am definitely going back to try the other flavors. Highly recommended pick up!
    thanks Cake Vape Carts

  7. rosiehoak

    Lovin’ that CAKE
    Love ALLLL the cake products but this one is one of my favorites! The flavor is absolutely delicious! Thank you CAKE for always hitting the spot 😉

  8. WMUser594448854

    Tried one of your products hits hard !! And nice flavors too but when are you guys dropping cherry pie gelato ? Since y’all gon legit

  9. wonkyjkdd

    cake – she hits different
    im so high but energized deff rate it a 9

  10. Nicholitambling12

    good stuff. best of the bunch they produce

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