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Easy To Use

No buttons or switches needed

Leak Proof

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CAKE she hits different

We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality apparel. From our custom patterns made in Los Angeles, CA. The Cake vape pens are self-contained (with battery tank together) and use an internal ceramic cell. CAKE products includes Vape Carts, Vape Disposable, Live Resin, Cannabis Flower and Cryo Cured Resin. Made with Love, The Cake Team.

Cake Carts

CAKE Carts are famous for their great taste among its consumers. Cake she hits different has 100% Pure THC Distillate, Solvent free, All Organic and Lab Tested Our Cartridges are all full 1 gram. CAKE Named “She Hits Different” is becoming the most popular vape cart consumed. Β This kind of Cannabis concentrates are deemed the future of cannabis due to its purity.Β 



Live resin on a higher level. A new category fresh out the FREEZER! πŸ’¦ Our flower is harvested at peak trichome ripeness and immediately placed in a cryogenic freezer below -238 degrees F ❄️ This process preserves up to 50% of the terpene and cannabinoid profiles optimizing flavor and user experience ⚑️

  • Patented and backed by research
  • Enhances the euphoric effects of cannabis
  • Stabalizes the terpenes and prevent degradation of THC


cake carts
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